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Tom Weissmuller has trained and competed in all manner of martial arts and fitness programs for nearly 40 years, He holds a 9th degree black belt and is a USS, ASCA, and P90X Qualified Coach and Senior Yoga Instructor. Weissmuller Academy is supported by a team of instructors and offers on-site training in martial arts, yoga and fitness.  As an added benefit, you can choose to train at home with any of Team Beachbody’s outstanding fitness programs.

In addition to academy training in martial arts, yoga and fitness, participants and family members may choose home training options while enjoying personal coaching and the full support of our fitness community


Meet Tom


Hear What People Are Saying : 

""I was training regularly but felt I had hit a plateau. I joined Tom's 90 Day PiYo Challenge Group and began drinking Shakeology. I lost an inch on my waist and gained significant flexibility, strength and dexterity. My yoga has reached new levels and I feel happy and energized every day.""

- Amy K., 6th Degree Black Belt, Yoga Instructor

""I am a life-long martial artist and believed I was in top shape. Last year I joined Tom's 90 Day P90X3 Challenge Group and began drinking Shakeology. I gained significant strength, speed, and agility while losing almost 20 lbs of body fat. Now every aspect of my training has improved. I can stay ahead of my teens and have significantly more energy.""

Erik J., 7th Degree Black Belt